1960 Olympic Winter Games Opening Ceremonies

Souvenir record from the Winter Olympics 1960 in Sqaw Valley CA. Walt Disney was in charge of Pagentry and this record includes an interview of Walt. 

Tommy Walker was director of Pagentry. Tommy Walker was responsible for planning Disneyland's gala openings, including the opening day festivities on July 17, 1955 and also on June 14, 1959 when Disneyland would debut six new attractions at a spectacular grand opening; including "The Music Man" composer Meredith Willson leading "76 Trombones" before an enthusiastic crowd which included Walt & Lillian Disney, Vice President Richard Nixon and his wife Pat Nixon, along with Walt's brother Roy O. Disney and his wife Edna Disney. Tommy Walker's father was the original Disneyland bandleader, Vesey Walker. Tommy would one day become the head of the Entertainment Division at the park, but would unfortunately lose that position, only to go on to major productions for the Olympics, Worlds Fairs, Presidential Inaugurations, Super Bowls and more.

Also heard on this record are Walter Cronkite, Art Linkletter and Karl Maldon (who was then starring in Disney's Pollyanna).




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